Hera Concept was named after the Queen of the Greek Gods,Hera, represents women’s strength, power, and fertility. Using luxury wool from baby alpacas the brand designs garments that fuse both contemporary and luxury aesthetics to create elevated yet affordable collections through interchangeable options.Hera Concept combines the rich Peruvian heritage of textiles with a trendy, minimal, and elegant style.

“Inner goddess in you” is the slogan of the brand and reinforcesthe concept that all women should feel powerful, influential,and gorgeous like goddesses themselves. Through their construction of patterns which are based on real women phenotypes, they aim to make all women feel like GODDESSES and encourage them to let the inner power of a goddess be always ready to shine through.

Hera, as her history implies -Queen of the Greek Gods- exemplified women reaching their dreams even through hard circumstances.To reinforce this idea of empowerment, Hera Concept is deeply committed to supporting women’s infertility around the world by funding innovative scientific projects of ovarian cryo-preservation partnering with the MD Anderson Cancer Center and is also a sustainable member of The National Infertility Association.